Fleet Command Shop - Display for Fire TV

  • Instant visibility: See key metrics at a glance  with a clear and concise dashboard-style display.
  • Promote team awareness: Keep everyone on the same page with real-time updates on work orders and asset status.
  • Easy setup: Download the app, scan a QR code with your phone, and start viewing your shop's data in minutes.

How to install it on your Amazon Fire TV

  1. Search for "Fleet Command Shop - Display" on your Amazon Fire device. OR got to https://www.amazon.com/Fleet-Command-LLC-Shop-Display/dp/B0BZJNNKS5 where you can send the app to a device on your Amazon account.
  2. Open the app and use your phone's camera to scan the QR code. Follow the resulting link to the TV login page in your phone's browser.
  3. Sign in with your Fleet Command username and password. Within a minute, your display will reload with your shops work order info.

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